History of Architecture – Week 1

History of architecture, the subject says history, but it is nothing like school history. It’s a really interesting subject to study if one develops interest.

In this subject we study about different places with architectural beauty, significance, meaning, time period, etc. The lecture started with a presentation on different places around the globe that are known architecturally. We discussed the importance of the place, the time period, the political climate during that period, etc.

For our next class, we are suppose to write about a place from our home town which must be at least a century old.

Integrative studio – Week 14

Work in progress: After discussing everything in the last class, we started making our model. While making there were many chnages that were made, also maintainig the scale and proportion was a task.

I decided the designs for the walls, floor, door, and other elelments in the bathroom.

Also, a few additions like the acrylic sheet, which was just used as a glass partition before, is now chnaged to automated frosting glass to maintain the temperature of glass for multiple consumers to use it simultaneously. The storage unit under the wash basin is a multi-purpose storage cabinet and has a rectangular table like box which can be used for storage and as a seat.

Time – Review week

We presented our final work, along with our process.


When we first started working, we didn’t realise that we are imitating what we have painted on paper instead of painting the reflection on the medium.


As we practiced more, after realising the imitation and reflection part, we followed the reflection and painted accordingly. This time, we were manipulating the colours, as the reflection on the medium were shades and tints of the original colour.


We finally understood how we were supposed to paint the reflection of the paper and reflection of the medium on itself. We first clicked a picture of the reflection on foil and then painted the same on paper referring the picture.

Artist Statement.


We also included demo displays for people to try.

Final display


Time – Week 14

After we showed our paintings on different mediums, we experimented again on different mediums changing the shapes.

After a long group discussion and brain-storming, we decided to use foil paper as our final material for the display. All this while, our ideas and concepts evolved.

Our medium of expression is a painting and its reflection as they influence each other. Since the medium of reflection is foil, which is a very delicate material to work with, the foil sheet itself influenced the reflection on it.