Sustainable systems project – Week 7

Based on our area of study, we did basic research on the NGO and found areas where they are lacking.

For advertising, we found they have an active Instagram and Facebook page where they post daily regarding animals that need help, animals up for adoption, foster care, but other effective ways like Youtube advertising or sponsered posts on Instagram could get them more recognition.

To get a clear understanding of the NGO, we decided to be a part of one of their upcoming events.


Integrative seminar and Studiov- Review week

In seminar we discussed different disciplines and what draws our attention towards it.

We also spoke about the elements of each discipline that we like and the reason.

In studio class we individually discussed with ma’am regarding the fields we are interested in and then discussed a mind map that we made based on our interested discipline.

The mind map consisted of different elements and then the subtopics within them. Ma’am asked us to select 3 elements of our interest and then select a subtopic under each of them.

Time – Review week

For our review day, we got insights of everybodys work. We also did a peer review and realized where we stand in terms of understanding this course.

This is my one picture story. Irreversible: Time cannot be reversed, what done is done. We can only try ti make it better but it will never be the same.

Time: Evolution and Memory. Time is evolution and memory, what one understands cannot be understood by anyone else.

Time – Week 9

In this lecture we were reviewed by a senior faculty as well. I was asked to work on the quality of my pictures and apply basic photography principles.




After showing the pictures, sir told me that my 3 pictures show texture and the other 2 images don’t show textures.

I also got to know that the link between my pictures is broken at a point and has an abrupt ending.